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A production-ready framework for building Elm applications. Build your next app with confidence, step by step.

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Beginners welcome

New to Elm? That's perfect! Elm Land was designed with you in mind. Our guides are here to make you productive, fast!


Batteries included

Comes with a built-in dev server and build tool. Access environment variables, easily work with NPM, TypeScript, add CSS files, and more!


Guides & conventions

Elm Land provides clear, consistent guides to help you answer common questions folks have when scaling their apps. You'll be able to leverage years of Elm best practices.


Learn with examples

Are you a visual learner? Check out the "Examples" page, which shows official Elm Land examples alongside real world apps.


File-based routing

Elm Land improves consistency and saves you time. We automatically connect your pages to URLs, using a simple file-naming convention.


Easy deployments

Elm Land is designed to be hosted for free on the web as a single-page application. Visit our guides on how to deploy your app with Netlify or Vercel.

💖 Sponsors ​

Here are some of the successful companies and wonderful people that make Elm Land possible by supporting the project each month.

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Vladimir Logachev

Vladimir Logachev


Ian Mackenzie

Ian Mackenzie


Dennis Roch

Dennis Roch


Nathan Braun

Nathan Braun


Want to support Elm Land?

If you'd like to contribute to the health and continuous improvement of the framework, ensure a strong foundation for your business, or be featured on this page– you can support Elm Land via GitHub Sponsors:

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